We all know the California-based automaker is actually quite egotistical when it comes to sharing pictures of its models – but fortunately a few new features needed some visual explanations as well.

With the introduction of the Model 3 – which just like back in March 2016 when we first saw it lacks a “proper” interior (just a TV-like screen and furniture-like trim) – it’s also setting up the course for the future. A future that seemingly involves car sharing and autonomous driving. Now to set all that up, Elon Musk’s company is ditching other aspects of the driving experience – such as the traditional key fob. Instead, the automaker has revealed a few new beauty shots depicting how owners will unlock and use the Model 3 with its key card and iPhone-based unlocking system. Tesla’s mobile app for iPhone and Android can already be used to unlock and start the Model S and Model X – but they still use more often the key fob.

New Tesla Model 3 shots highlight the key card and iPhone unlocking system 0

But for the Model 3 the app is the main unlocking and starting device, as it will be connected via Bluetooth to the phone and automatically unlock the doors as you approach. In case the phone is dead as a brick with no battery – or you’re a traditionalist going back to smaller, flip phones, Tesla also gives up a keycard with a NFC chip, with the driver only having to swipe the card on the B pillar and doors will be unlocked. Inside the cabin, there’s a dock for the smartphone or even two of them in the center console.


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