In an unstoppable race to reduce the number of car accidents, combined with the newest possible technology, the Japanese auto maker Toyota is working on an unusual safety system which will take control of the car’s steering to avoid accidents.

The new Pre-Collision System (PCS) from Toyota will use a millimeter-wave radar and two cameras with infrared night vision and, according to the manufacturer, it will take control of the steering wheel and “change the direction of the vehicle” to avoid hitting an object.

Another system on which the Japanese car manufacturer is working is an improvement of the automatic high-beam headlights, where the technology can partially shade the high-beam lights to prevent blinding. And if this wasn’t enough, Toyota is also working on a system which will detect the driver’s heath and in case of a sudden cardiovascular irregularity it can warn the driver or stop the car.

Humans are very close to becoming a simple passenger in their car, just like they are a simple passenger in public transportation, in airplanes or in trains, with the fact that all of these are driven by a man, or more. The future of private cars is clearly the one where you just sit back and enjoy the ride. The only major problem would be a “blue screen”, “Are you sure you want to brake?”, “Yes!”, “No!”.

But until than we can enjoy the new eco-friendly cars that don’t pollute and are so quiet that you almost hit that kid playing with his ball in the middle of the street because he didn’t hear you.



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