New Twitter tool helps luxury maker Jaguar gain attention image

A new tool developed for Twitter will allow the marketing and ads strategy of Jaguar carry a little more weight – at almost no costs at all.

Its hard being in the premium league, as the German trio has the upper hand in terms of budget and being an English brand owned by an Indian automaker like Tata really doesn’t help at times. That is especially if you want to deliver a refined and powerful message to echo your heritage, premium English feel and craftsmanship.

Still, marketing strategies are now fought in the land of “social media”, where everything and anything is allowed, so Jaguar used the latest feature from Twitter to engage people who likely saw the automaker’s TV ads during a promotion for the 2014 F-Type this summer. Through Twitter TV ad targeting, Jaguar amplified the messaging of its “Your Turn” F-Type marketing campaign by funneling promoted tweets to people who live-tweeted about TV shows that were flanked by Jaguar’s commercials.

The point behind Twitter TV ad targeting is clear: Ad messages resonate better and purchase intent rises when a commercial is matched with promoted tweets. Data from the beta phase, which also included companies such as Holiday Inn, Samsung and Adidas, showed that people who saw commercials along with promoted tweets demonstrated 95% stronger message association and 58% higher purchase intent than those who saw TV ads alone.

“Without TV ad targeting, an auto marketer’s message ends or is at least cut short when the commercial ends,” said Doug Mooney, a Twitter senior manager, in an interview. “Adding Twitter to the media mix, and specifically TV ad targeting, changes that. It lets marketers and automakers continue to tell their story on Twitter long after the commercial has ended.”

Jaguar pushed the #MyTurntoJag social media contest where people had to make their cases for why it was their turn to drive the new two-seat convertible. People turned to Twitter, Instagram and Vine — a mobile video app — to make their pitches to win a test drive. The four lucky ones accompanied by famous singer Kelly Rowland and San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick – were filmed during their test drives in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago.