New Varsovia Concept comes from Poland and is mermaid-inspired image

The Varsovia Motor Company from Poland is one of those automakers you have never heard off – but nonetheless they strive to make a name for themselves with the new Varsovia Concept.

We’re giving them the credit of being interested – although we wouldn’t bet on seeing them in showrooms across the world. The boutique automaker has decided to present to the world a hybrid powered luxury sedan – in a bid to satisfy the market of green and affluent models. The company is even promising a proper world debut in front of a live audience at an upcoming international auto show – we see the Geneva, as the house of exotics, a safe bet. The future is more than uncertain because the people seeing it will have to give a very positive response to this out of the world mermaid-inspired luxury sedan for the company to consider production.

New Varsovia Concept comes from Poland and is mermaid-inspired 4

Anyways, the high-tech luxobarge could get up and running in 50 units sometimes after 2018. The Varsovia Concept uses a hybridized powertrain with electricity powering the wheels and an internal combustion engine being the generator for battery recharge. The claim a fully electric range of 217.5 miles (350 kilometers) or 528 miles (850 km) when filling up with fuel as well. The Varsovia Concept’s styling has been penned by the Kadler design studio, which is near Warsaw, Poland – and they were inspired by the mermaid on the city’s coat of arms.