New Volvo S90 service takes the hassle out of ownership image

The mobility of tomorrow will have nothing to do with the way we’re looking at car ownership even today – and some of the changes will have to do with being little sloths.

We’re actually kidding – modern life has been in overdrive for years and those 24 hours are always way less than we need to complete daily tasks. But fret not, there’s a solution – if you own a Volvo S90 that is (well actually when discussing the Vignale from Ford and Intiale Paris from Renault, but let’s not diverge). This is because the Swedish automaker has the app-based Volvo On Call service that can handle the service, clean, and refuel tasks while you get to use that time for more interesting things maybe work, but hopefully spending quality time with the family. There’s a catch, because you need an all-new S90 or a slightly older XC90 and live in San Francisco.


The app-based service allows owners to have their cars serviced, cleaned, and refueled while they are busy – because Volvo’s research found 70 percent of owners would like an on-demand refueling service, while 56 percent want their car picked up for servicing, and 49 percent even want to have the car moved around as they see fit – without them being inside and doing the moving. For now there’s just a pilot service in San Francisco for 300 users of the XC90 SUV and S90 sedan. “Our approach is a simple one – we aim to make life easier by employing the latest connected technology in an easy-to-use smartphone app,” said Volvo’s head of connected services, Anders Tylman-Mikiewicz. “We are taking an open and agile approach to this, and welcome collaboration with partners with new and innovative service offers. This is just the beginning”