New Volvo V40 to get dual-clutch transmission in Australia image

The Swedish based automaker Volvo has recently announced its plans to introduce a dual-clutch transmission on the new V40 model in Australia, next year.

According to the guys at Car Advice, the announcement has been made by the company’s vehicle line director, Hakan Abrahamsson. The Volvo official stated that the new dual-clutch transmission won’t make its way onto the V40 models earlier than 2014.

“It won’t be until 2014, but the V40 D2 will definitely be available with a Getrag dual-clutch transmission. We haven’t decided on pricing or whether or not we would even continue with a manual version in Australia. That decision would be made locally”, as Hakan Abrahamsson told Car Advice.

The outgoing Volvo V30 is available to its future customers in Australia starting from 34,990 for the D2 base model, while the D4 Kinetic, where a conventional six-speed automatic transmission is available comes from 39,990 AUD. The engine lineup of the Volvo V40 in Australia will remain unchanged and so will the standard and optional items list, once the new dual-clutch transmission will be launched. The only thing different will be the price, which, as Abrahamsson said, it will be set after a local decision will be made.

Source: Car Advice