New world record: 236 km/h inside a Volvo Hybrid Truck image

The Volvo hybrid truck, a.k.a. Mean Green, recently set new world speed records at Utah’s Wendover Airfield.

Utilizing its 1,900hp D16 engine and 200hp electric motor (combined for almost 5,000 lb-ft of torque!), the Mean Green hybrid racing truck ran an average speed of 147.002 mph km/h (236.577 km/h) through the Flying Kilometer (2/3 mile) and ran 95.245 mph (153.252 km/h) from a standstill over the same kilometer.

Tyres capable of withstanding the enormous stresses are essential and Goodyear has worked closely with Volvo on the project and specially developed the tyres for Mean Green. They are hand-built and based on 495/45R22.5 Marathon Long Haul Drive truck carcasses, capable of withstanding the enormous torque and speeds that Mean Green develops.

“Mean Green’s incredible performance underscores the strong potential of hybrid drivelines when applied to the right operation,” said Ron Huibers, Volvo Trucks president, North American Sales & Marketing.

“Neither hybrid or any other alternative fuel technology, like natural gas, is a one-size-fits-all solution, but the technology is available for appropriate applications.”

Despite its looks, the majority of Mean Green is standard production fayre, says Volvo (aside from the painted on grille and headlamps, obviously).