New York Auto Show has Porsche 993 Turbo go up in a “blaze of glory” image

We finished highlighting the novelties of the New York International Auto Show some days ago but it appears the even has decided to surprise us one last time before it wraps up until next year.

The 2016 New York International Auto Show has apparently went out with a “bang” following a Porsche 911 from the 993 generation going up in flames inside the Jacob Javits Convention Center. It’s still unknown for now how the shenanigan started, but apparently the best guess goes towards a failure of the vehicle’s electrical system. Fortunately there were no injuries reported because everyone inside the section was quickly evacuated from the site of the burning wreck. Unfortunately the bespoke 993 Turbo suffered the painful consequences of the devouring flames – though in the aftermath it looks like the fire was not that powerful and at least in theory the vehicle may be salvageable.

It appears the fire’s point of ignition was somewhere at the back of the car and a courageous man put it out using a fire extinguisher. According to WNBC, the New York Fire Department has not even received a report of the incident. Most likely that was due to the quick action as the fire remained minor. As soon as we find out more info on the blaze we’ll keep you updated on the unfortunate $150,000 worth Porsche that had such a massive rear wing to keep its Turbo credentials at bay.

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