The bike share program in New York has been delayed and will not begin in next spring as announced earlier. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has announced this news on Friday.

Mr. Bloomberg has said that the New York’s much-heralded bike share program will be postponed and explained that the real causes are software problems which he mentioned several times in recent weeks. He said in his statement that the software doesn’t work. Duh. You’re not going to put it out until it does work. Hopefully the software will work.

The bike share program was supposed to be started last month. A lot of people were expecting something and were very excited to participate and have fun. In March 2013, the program will begin with 7, 000 bikes which will make their ways by stopping at 420 stations as said by the Transportation Department.

The transportation commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan said the New York City demands a world-class bike-share system and we need to ensure that the Citi Bike launches as flawlessly as New Yorkers expect on Day 1. The enthusiasm for this program continues to grow, and we look forward to bringing this affordable new transportation option to New Yorkers without cost to taxpayers.

This program was operated by Alta Bicycle Share and was about to commence with a partial roll out this summer. After this, the plan was of preparing for 10,000 bikes and 600 stations by 2013 summer. Citi Bike offers $41 million private funds to guarantee the system for 5 years. Therefore, the timeline which was agreed by all parties carries unaffected Citi Bike sponsorship structure.

Officials cleared that the New York City would expand the system to 10,000 bikes after the productions on March. However, no proper time frame is set.


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