New Zoleco sports car previewed image

A new small automaker named Zoleco and probably based in Canada judging by its official website is trying to make its way on the market and catch a piece of the pie eaten by the big boys with its so-called sports car.

The “automaker’s” name first of all is a combination of the founder’s name, Zoltan Bod, and the car in question is “eco-friendly”, and has an exterior design that makes us want to do our laundry instead of driving it.

“The purpose of this specialty car company is to create an outstanding, very efficient, energy conserving sports car. This futuristic concept car prototype is being built with a unique and exciting form of automotive design. By using the scientific approach of combining the laws of nature with practicality and common sense we can produce a car that is sporty, fun to drive, practical, eco-friendly, exotic and a great compliment to ones individuality”, as the ones at Zoleco say on their official website.

Zoleco says that their vehicle is powered by a three-cylinder turbocharged engine mated to a five-speed manual transmission and the “automaker” is talking about a top speed of 200 mph and the official launch of the car on Discovery Channels and so on. Honestly, we don’t care.