Newer dimension to Alfa Romeo cars – Giulia image

Alfa Romeo is about to launch the most awaited car models of theirs. The company is in desperate needs of a grand success and this model is having almost all the facilities and qualities to rock the world with master qualities and supreme features.

A week back this Italian manufacturers launched the hit and hot model of Giulietta model and earned quite better response from the car lovers. The company is quite popular for their car engines. They were the first manufacturers who installed powerful engine in the light weighted cars. This 3 series challenger is almost ready to rock the world since 17 big months. This model of Giulia is the longer version of Giulietta compact cars. The suspension and multi link rear are the attractive features of the cars. The company has also crated this car quite light weighted. The high strength material used by this car is also making the car more surprised and featured. The aluminum suspension is the safer side of the cars in case of car crash.


Another driving comfort is being added in the form of MacPherson-strut in which the front end is placed on the sub frame ad the suspension will therefore block the distortion effect of lateral forces that normally is faced in case cornering by other vehicles while driving on the streets and highways which is normally major cause of accidents in most of the injury cases. The specialty of this system is that even in the hard cornering cases, the car driver will never lose the control of steering which could be the safest driving passions. The active damping system is also under procedure by the company as 15 engineers are working on this project. The DNA control of throttle and the steering control are quite ideal for the car drivers.

The Alfa is quite optimistic about the success of Alfa Giulia and is quite sure that the car will win not only the hearts of car lovers bit also will become the finest cars for riding and handling. Many of the changes regarding to valve of the cars, GDI unit of the cars and the torque-vectoring-four wheel-drive transmission are some of the major remarks of the cars and all of these specialties will offer newer and smarter dimension to the Alfa Romeo cars for sure. Have fun with Giulia.