New SAAB still having problems with brand name image

National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), the company that bought SAAB, is having difficulties with the Saab brand name and the famous griffin logo.

We’ve reported last week that the rights to the Saab name and the famous griffin logo were not part of the original deal.

Yes – Unfortunately, two things that were not included in the purchase was the legal right to use the Saab name and the griffin logo used on Saab brand passenger vehicles around the world.
This can only be granted by defense company Saab AB and truck maker Scania, both of which use the same griffin logo seen on Saab passenger cars.

“The brand name discussion isn’t over,” says Erik Ljungberg, Saab’s Scania’s spokesman . “It’s a complex issue and several questions must be sorted out. We’re very keen that the griffin brand isn’t used for anything we can’t stand behind.”

“Even though their formal name is Saab Automobile, they’re generally called Saab, so there’s a clear risk a lot of people may confuse them with us,” said Saab AB spokesman Erik Magni.

“When Saab Auto had financial difficulties last year and filed for bankruptcy, of course it affected us,” said Magni. “We want a long-term solution for the brand name where we share the same view on how it should develop to make sure it’s associated with engineering, high competence.”

The idea is that both companies will want assurances of the quality of the final product before approving anything.

Saab, which made its first cars in 1947, was acquired out of bankruptcy earlier this month. The new ownership group, led by ex-Volvo Trucks chief Karl-Erling Trogen, is planning on turning the company into an electric vehicle maker and will likely start with a battery-electric powered 9-3 in 2014.