Next Alfa Romeo Giulietta might come with RWD image

Alfa Romeo officials have revealed that the next generation of Giulietta will be based on a shortened platform and a rear-wheel drive is not excluded.

Alfa Romeo has big plans for the next five years, but it is not going to be an easy ride to put them into action. Some sources revealed not so long ago that the start of the Giulia Quadrifoglio sporty model will be delayed by six months than originally planned, going on the market sometime in the mid-2016. Also, the based Giulia SUV will be available for sale in 2017, meaning a nine-month delay. Signs of these setbacks could be found in Sergio Marchionne’s statement from two months ago, when the CEO of Fiat Chrysler said that the company was reconsidering Alfa’s global plans, especially due to a very slow pace on the Chinese market.

At a recent Fiat-Chrysler Automobile event, Alberto Dillilo – the group’s head of passenger vehicle design – said the next Giulietta would be based on a “shortened version of the Giulia’s platform and a rear-wheel drive it’s possible, technically”.

Even if nothing is certain in this direction, the company promises that, when a new model is to be launched in the near future, it will definitely be noticed and will bring major improvements over the current Alfas. And a rear-wheel drive hatchback is certainly going to be something to be excited for, as a RWD compact model is a dying breed. It will definitely set apart Giulietta from its rivals. The BMW 1 Series is the only rear-driven family hatchback on sale in Europe, but the next-generation car is likely to adopt a front-wheel drive platform.

Via Autoexpress