Next BMW M3 gets electric power steering? image

The next generation 2014 BMW M3 may get Electric Power Assisted Steering, bimmerfile website reports.

According to the same source, there is some efficiency gains with EPAS systems because they, unlike traditional hydraulic offerings, do not draw engine power unless needed and 90% of all driving in done in a straight line where there is no need for power assistance.

In the US BMW uses EPAS in the latest 3,5, and 6 series models.

If the new M3 will get electric power steering we don’t know yet because BMW did not confirmed the report, but we do know that the F80 M3 will get its power from an inline six-cylinder engine instead of the earlier speculated V-configuration.

The new unit will replace the 4.0-liter V8 that resides in the outgoing model. It has been suggested that it will have a displacement of around 3.0-liters and will feature twin-turbo or tri-turbo technology producing a final output of around 450 PS (331 kW / 444 bhp).

The new generation of the BMW M3 will be presented in late 2013 or early 2014.