The next generation of the plug-in hybrid Chevrolet Volt is approaching its reveal date, set for the 2015 edition of the Detroit motor show, and bits and pieces of information keep surfacing.

General Motors is concentrating the electric vehicle production close to its Michigan headquarters, with various plants in the state taking charge of more component making – CEO Mary Barra said the car would source around 70% of its parts from the US by 2016. In addition, the new 1.5-liter internal combustion companion engine – a follow-up to the current 1.4-liter unit – would be produced by the same factory.

Now it was time for the engineers to have a saying – and we see them disclosing bit-by-bit new facts about the upcoming model. According to the technicians that developed the new-generation model, the 2016 Volt should be faster off the line, quieter and have an increased electric range compared to its predecessor.

Unfortunately no figures were disclosed yet, with the expected announcement for the range (currently at around 38 miles) and EPA fuel rating to be unveiled when the model is officially revealed in January. We do know that the engineers did an extensive redesign of the Voltec drive unit – it’s around 100 pounds lighter and should decrease low-speed acceleration times by around 20%, as both electric motors would be used to power the wheels, not just one at a time.

Via Automotive News


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