But you’re still a few years away from going home drunk in it and behind the wheel, legally.

The self-driving technology is going to be implemented in a few future models and one of these will be the Audi A8’s new generation. According to Ulrich Hackenberg, the company’s boss, who has recently spoken to AutoExpress, the car manufacturer is looking towards implementing this technology into the next flagship vehicle.

“The A8 will be the next-generation of the every successful vehicle model for Audi, so what we are doing is looking at which future technologies make sense for our customers, what do they expect and how can we surprise out customers”, said the Audi official to our source.

The upcoming Audi A8’s autonomous system will use a few long-range radar sensors and 12 ultrasonic sensors. These will be joined by the laser scanners and the video camera which will all be working together in order to guide the vehicle through traffic. But there is a catch, this is only available at speeds up to 60 km/h (37 mph). Organic LEDs are also being worked upon by the car manufacturer as these should be added to the interior and operated by gesture control. Gestures will also operate the audio system, climate control and phone calls and this technology is also expected to be introduced on the next generation of the Volkswagen Golf. Besides the regular diesel and petrol powered A8s, the carmaker is also expected to introduce a plug-in hybrid e-tron. All future A8s will be riding on the MLB platform and will be about 200 kg lighter.


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