Next-Gen Chevrolet Cruze Delayed by a Year Due to Engineering Changes image

GM delayed the next-gen Chevrolet Cruze launch by a year to make several engineering changes and to get more sales from the current model.

The next-generation Cruze was expected to start production in late 2014, but the automaker said that it has been rescheduled for December 2015, according to anonymous sources. The union leaders of the Canadian Auto Workers have already informed the members at Stratford plant, Ontario, about this change.

“It was disappointing to hear that the Chevy Cruze program has been pushed back a year and will not start until 2015,” said CAW Local 4451 Chairwoman Karen Fleming.

GM spokeswoman Annalisa Bluhm did not offer details about the delay, but said that the Cruze sold well and that the US automaker has just launched the diesel-powered version. The next-gen Cruze will have its interior and exterior designs completely changed, it will be fitted with more spacious passenger compartment and a larger trunk, and it will also offer improved fuel economy.

During the first half of the year Cruze sales in the US increased 17% to 134,000 and in June the model was ranked the second-best selling passenger car, after Toyota’s mid-sized Camry. In August, GM announced that the next-gen Cruze will be manufactured in Lordstown, Ohio, where the current model has been built since September 2010.

Source: Reuters