Next-gen Chevy Camaro to get 4-cylinder turbo engine image

The next generation of the Chevrolet Camaro will get a four-cylinder turbocharged engine under its hood which will help the model keep its CO2 emissions and fuel consumption at bay.

Downsizing and turbocharging is the key these days to help reduce the CO2 emissions in order to make the planet more popular to dinosaurs but besides helping the CO2 emissions stay to their minimum, this is also being reflected into our pockets because a smaller engine is also consuming less fuel. Another reason for downsizing and turbocharging is that engines become more powerful so don’t be surprised in a couple of decades if you see supercars powered by three-cylinder units.

Chevrolet is into downsizing too these days and the future generation of the Camaro will use a 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine under its hood, but larger units won’t be dropped just yet and in fact GM is trying to copy Ford and its future Mustang generation. For those of you looking into a larger engine on the upcoming Camaro, Chevy will be offering a V6 with 300 HP and a small block V8. Rear-wheel drive will still be a “must” for the future Camaro and the model will also lose some weight on the way. Additional details on the future Chevrolet Camaro will be announced close to the model’s debut, probably in 2014.