Next-gen Ford Focus RS to be launched in 2015 image

The North American based automaker Ford is planning to launch the new generation of the Focus RS in 2015, as the company’s officials have recently announced.

The third generation of the Ford Focus RS is getting closer and closer to its future customers as the company’s officials have recently announced their plans to launch the new hot hatch in 2015. According to the car manufacturer, the new Ford Focus RS has a good chance of cannibalizing the sales of the Ford Focus ST or even the ones of the Mustang, so chances are that the new generation of the hot hatch will not get that much power under its hood.

“A whole suite of such cars is what I have in mind. I’m noting there are two different kinds of customers — one for ST products, which are fun but have an everyday usability, and another, more racing-focused customer who wants an RS-type car. Evolving both alongside Mustang is complementary; the customers for one don’t necessarily want the other”, as the VP of product development for Ford Europe, Barb Samardzich, told Autocar.

The new generation of the Ford Focus RS will get a Revoknuckle front suspension, a limited-slip differential, upgraded braking system, a sportier cabin, high-performance tires and more. Additional details on the 2016 Ford Focus RS are limited for the moment and will probably be announced close to its debut.

Source: Autocar