There are many who love to be a part of fast moving lives and so they choose supercars, but this idea of living has been rejected by few who believe that this will harm the environment. Likewise, what would be your reaction if we say that green methods are applied on a supercar, so no more rejection here on?

In order to bring hardcore proof that such things are possible, designer Marlon Kirby and car builder David B. McMahan have come out of the roofs with their newest street-legal supercar project which is available to us through Inhabitat. These two knowledgeable legends have introduced Maxximus LNG 2000, a vehicle which has got looks of a supercar, but runs on compressed natural gas as well as liquid natural gas. We often watch channel Discovery where some shows telecast experts in this field trying to come up with something unique with the help of compressed natural gas.

Similarly, this vehicle will offer a unique feature as a whole where the driver will enjoy driving a non-petrol or non-diesel car. It accommodates an all-aluminum V8 engine that delivers 1,600 horsepower, which is quite a lot of power. As G-Force is claimed as the world’s fastest street-legal supercar, the Maxximus LNG 2000 claims to be its second generation supercar. The only difference in both of these cars is the green symbol which lacks by the G-Force. Marlon has already started designing this car on paper and working on it to eradicate the coming problems. Besides, they have also planned to bring out another LNG vehicle for the consumer market with 2000 hp engine. Of course, this will boast a million-dollar price tag.

By Sunita Mandal



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