Next-gen Mercedes-Benz A-Class to give birth to new body styles image

The future generation of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class is said to come with a variety of new body styles, once it will be hitting the market.

Despite being a few years away from going official, the next generation of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class is said to sport a variety of new body styles, and we are not just talking about new models, similar to the CLA four-door coupe or to the GLA crossover, but actually new body styles, such as a sedan, a coupe, a roadster and even a shooting brake, a step which will force its main rivals, BMW and Audi, to reconsider their premium hatchbacks, the 1-Series and the A3.

According to the guys from Autobild, the five-door hatchback’s new generation will be introduced in 2018 and this should be quickly followed by the sedan, which will be rivaling the sedan versions of the BMW 1-Series and the Audi A3, but a gap will be made with the introduction, in 2019, of a Coupe, of a Roadster and a Shooting Brake. The Coupe and the Roadster will focus on the Audi TT and the Shooting Brake will be developed exclusively for the European market. More details on the upcoming models remain unknown for the moment.