Next-gen Mitsubishi ASX might get EVO version image

The upcoming generation of the Mitsubishi ASX is believed to give birth to a hot EVO derivative.

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution will not be getting a new generation or an official successor but that doesn’t mean that the EVO nameplate will die with the performance model. According to a recent report, which has been published by the guys from the next-generation of the Mitsubishi ASX will be getting a hot EVO derivative. This has been hinted by the company’s president, Tetsuro Aikawa, who said that this will most likely get a plug-in hybrid arrangement. Rumor has it that the second-gen ASX has been previewed already by the XR-PHEV II Concept, shown in Geneva last month, which is basically a follow-up of the XR-PHEV revealed in Tokyo, a couple of years ago.

The Mitsubishi XR-PHEV has been slightly reworked and it is coming with a revised glasshouse with longer and taller side windows, revamped front and rear ends and more. The model is getting an evolutionary design which will be translated into all future models made by Mitsubishi. The production version of the compact crossover will be toned down but the concept vehicle stands at 75 mm longer, 100 mm wider and 55 mm lower, taking its power from a 1.1 liter 3-cylinder petrol engine, capable of producing 100 kW, backed up by a 120 kW electric motor and a 14 kWh battery. The new ASX generation is believed to be introduced sometimes in 2016.