Next-gen Nissan Micra to share parts with the Renault Clio image

The next generation of the Nissan Micra will share some components with the Renault Clio and the model will be assembled in France, in a few years.

The Renault-Nissan alliance is getting stronger these days as the French based automaker has recently announced that the next generation of the Nissan Micra will be assembled in France. According to the car manufacturer, the budget car will be produced in Flins, the company’s facility located near Paris, and the plan is to assemble approximately 82,000 units annually.

“Nissan is pleased to leverage the economic and logistical benefits of sourcing the next generation Micra at a forecasted annual volume of 82,000 units from a Renault plant in Europe. Nissan already sources powertrain from the Cleon facility and the NV400 light commercial vehicle from the Batilly plant”, said the Nissan Europe chairman of the Management Committee, Trevor Mann.

The Renault domestic car production will boost by 33 percent, to a total of 180,000 units annually, over the next four years, and the next generation of the Nissan Micra will play a main role in this. The model will enter production in 2016 in Flins. Additional details on the next-gen Nissan Micra are limited for the moment and will be announced close to its launch.

Source: Renault