Next-gen Nissan Rogue coming in 2013 image

The Japanese based car manufacturer Nissan has recently announced that the next generation of the Rogue crossover will hit the market in 2013.

According to the automaker, the new generation of the Nissan Rogue will be assembled at the company’s plant in Smyrna, Tennessee, and the model will be wearing the 2014 model year in its name, which actually means that it will hit the market in 2013. Even if Nissan has confirmed the next generation of the Rogue, the car company is trying to keep its future crossover model into the shadows for the moment, and it’s doing quite a good job in this.

As a quick reminder, the current Nissan Rogue has been officially presented back in October 2007, as a 2008 model year, and the model is actually the North American version of the European Qashqai, which is also known as the Dualis in Japan and Australia. The current Rogue has made its debut at the 2007 NAIAS, and it’s coming as a five-door SUV body style, with a front engine and front/all-wheel drive layout. The current Nissan Rogue is 4,646 mm long, 1,801 mm wide and 1,659 mm tall, with a wheelbase of 2,690 mm and a curb weight of 1,601 kg.