Next-gen Opel Astra, new details released image

New details on the upcoming Opel Astra K have been released recently by the German based automaker as the model in question is believed to make its public debut this September, in Frankfurt.

Opel is planning on bringing the new generation of the Astra forward once again and it has made it by announcing some new details on the popular compact car. According to the company, the 2016 Opel Astra will be coming with the new IntelliLux LED Matrix Headlights, which will use eight individual LED segments each and it will automatically adjust the length and distribution of the light beam, according to traffic situation. Opel says that once the Astra will leave the city, high-beams will be activated and always remain on.

When the Opel Eye front camera will be detecting an oncoming vehicle, the LED segments are automatically switched off and on as the vehicle will pass, not blinding the driver. Opel says that with this technology, drivers travelling at 80 km/h (50 mph) will be able to detect side road objects 30 to 40 meters sooner than with halogen or xenon low-beam lights and this is giving them 1.5s of additional reaction time. The new Opel Astra generation will be riding on the D2XX platform and it will be 40 mm shorter, with a 23 mm shrunken wheelbase. However, it will be providing 34 mm of additional legroom. Automatic cruise control, 3-spoke steering wheel, improved seats, prominent touch screen infotainment system and others are just a few of the goodies which will be introduced onto the car.