The Japanese based automaker Toyota has recently announced that a new generation of its Auris and Corolla models will hit the market sometimes next year, being part of the company’s investment into its UK facilities.

According to the car manufacturer, the two new generations of the Auris and Corola models will be developed after the company will invest 265 million EUR (355m USD) in its United Kingdom facilities, in order to place its two C-segment models into the spotlights. Besides manufacturing the two models in the United Kingdom, Toyota is also planning to assemble the new Corolla sedan in Turkey.

“The C-segment hatchback is a core vehicle for Toyota, competing in a strategic segment of the European automobile market, while sedans are stronger sellers in Eastern Europe, Turkey and other countries in that region. We are confident that our factories in UK and Turkey, supported by committed workers and suppliers, will continue to deliver superior quality vehicles and contribute to Toyota’s sustainable growth in Europe in the future”, said the President and CEO of Toyota Motor Europe, Didier Leroy.

Besides developing the new generation of the Auris and Corolla and manufacturing the new model which is expected to hit the market sometimes next year, Toyota will also create 1.500 new jobs in its United Kingdom facilities, with 500 of them being ready in 2012.


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