Next-gen VW Golf GTI might debut in May 2013 image

The new generation of the Volkswagen Golf GTI is expected to hit the market sometimes in May 2013, only three months after the regular version will arrive in the United States.

The 2013 Volkswagen Golf 7 has been recently unveiled and VW has announced most things about it, even if this should have happened at the 2012 Paris Motor Show later on this month, but with the new generation of the popular hatchback out, everyone is asking the same thing: what will the new Golf GTI be like, what will it look like, what will it feel like and, most importantly, what will it have under its hood?

Well the answer to that last question is solved, sort of, because rumors are saying that the future German hot hatch will get the new 2.0 liter four-cylinder turbocharged unit, which is expected to develop a total output of 260 BHP, less than one of its main competitors, the Opel Astra OPC / Vauxhall Astra VXR, with its 280 HP. But the same unit will also make its way under the hood of the new R version and, thanks to some tweaks, this is expected to produce around 320 HP.