Next generation BMW 3 Series Renders image

After launching the new Facelift, looks like BMW preparing a completely new version for the most successful model. For the moment there are no official images, but exist some computer renders showing the new BMW 3 series, witch most likely will enter in production somewhere in 2012. Talking about the engines, BMW has already announced that work on 1.3-liter and 1.8-liter Turbo Engines with 163 to 321HP.

2012 New BMW 3-Series unveiled


2012 BMW 3 Series official launch: today – 14 Oct – 2011 at 2.30 PM GMT+1 technical details; 5.30 PM GMT+1 official photos on inautonews

  • njonggren

    I think the fourth one is the most possible rendering. Hopefully next gen 3 series will be good looking.

  • Pule

    The first and the fourth are the best. I suggest that the first one to be 1 series and the fourth one be 3 series.

  • Nkwane

    Traditionally BMW release beutiful cars, so i am sure the new generation will appeal to car fanatics.

    • inautonews – mircea

      True :)

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  • @lorenpedro

    Its starting to look more like a lexus.

  • AXA

    Now the Germans keep stealing Alfa Romeo's styling cues…..with VW/Audi it was uderstandable with Da Silva jumping ship, but now the BMWs are getting Alfa's "squinty eyes". The 2011 Mitsubishi Galant is almost exactly the 159 front and back, the old Subaru Tribeca (9) was the Kamal with an upside down Alfa grill….

  • GoCarShipping

    I agree with AXA, the Germans have been stealing from Alfa Romeo's styling, but who could blame them. The VW and Audi vehicles have become much more stylish and consumers have responded positively. Just keep innovating. Thats all we can hope for.