We’re being used to having the digital artists of the world take a spin with the latest ideas coming from the automotive world – and the latest example covers the basic Duster small SUV.

The no-frills Dacia Duster sport utility vehicle is among the best-sellers of the small crossover segment – not only because it’s the cheapest model in the segment in some European markets. The little off-roader also blends practicality and a trialed and tested 4×4 platform – taken from the Renault Nissan group. This means it’s among the few off-road capable SUVs in the segment, which more often relies on 2WD crossovers than the full blown SUV experience. The next generation Dacia Duster will become official sometimes next year and could be treated to the CMF architecture – the digital artist played it safe and opted for a subtle, not so enticing evolutionary design language. There’s a large front fascia with new grille and modified headlights, as well as a new design for the fog lights. The sideline is almost unchanged and overall the design is pretty faithful to the original, while also looking a tad more upscale.

Dacia has been mum on details concerning one of its top sellers and the rumor mill is indicating for now the use of the CMF platform, which is being used for a plethora of models inside the group, including the Renault Megane or the Nissan Qashqai. The modular architecture will deliver two different versions of the Duster, instead of just one. A standard Duster will have a five-seat layout and a new, seven-seat Duster will be longer at 14.7 feet. The speculations also talked about powertrains, but given the no-frills segment it comes from, we’re not expecting spectacular introductions.

Via OmniAuto


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