Next-generation Jaguar XK to be larger, more luxury-orientated image

Jaguar’s next-generation XK series will be bigger to leave room for the F-Type in the brand’s lineup.

Autocar reports design director Ian Callum said Jaguar was “going through a lot of discussion” about how the next-generation XK should evolve.

Although no final decision has yet been made, Callum said one possibility is to make the XK a bit more special than a GT. “It could grow into the luxury market, and grow in size. Whether it stays the same as a two-plus-two or becomes a two-plus-more-than-two has not been committed to yet,” Callum was quoted as saying by Autocar.

Following the launch of the F-Type, the XK will no longer need to be both a sports coupe and a luxury grand tourer. As the F-Type takes the role of Jaguar’s dedicated sports car, the XK can become a true luxury GT. However, what’s valid for the XK may not be the same for the XJ. The luxury four-door will most likely remain a conventional saloon in its next generation, despite the fact that the market for such luxury four-doors is declining.

As sales of large luxury SUVs are currently much bigger that those of luxury saloons, Callum believes it is just a phase that will pass, with saloons reclaiming their position in the future.