Next generation Porsche Cayenne undisguised image

Thanks to Autocar we have a series of spy photos showing the next generation Porsche Cayenne ‘undisguised’. The next Cayenne will be less aggressive, with smaller, thinner air intakes on the front, and only two exhausts instated four on the current version.

Porsche will continue to use the Touareg platform, but from profile view, the line is somewhat similar to Infiniti’s FX, with much rounded corners. The new model will be lighter than present version with around 170 kg, and as we can see from the photos, the center console will be quite similar to that of the Panamera.

Some of this weight loss can be attributed to the increased use of aluminium in the Cayenne’s bodyshell and for panels such as the doors. But Porsche has also trimmed the Cayenne’s mechanicals, ditching much of the car’s standard off-road kit such as the low-range gearbox and locking rear differential.