Daimler confirms that the next generation Mercedes-Benz S Class will be unveiled in 2013.

Daimler spokesman Martin Steinlehner confirmed in a telephone interview with inautonews that the next generation S Class will be unveiled in 2013 and will come in six variants.

The new S Class is expected to be slightly longer than the current model and come packed with a range of fuel efficient engines as well as a new plug-in hybrid option, though this latter option is unlikely to be available at launch.Mercedes’ new flagship will take several of its new design cues from the F700 concept that we saw debut back in ‘07. More specifically, we can expect to see a larger, more upright grille and redesigned headlamps incorporating LED running lights.

Considering that Daimler has just pulled over the Maybach brand ( so there will be no more Maybach from now on ) an ultimate S-Class called the Pullman is planned to compensate for the loss of Daimler’s Rolls-Royce-rivalling brand Maybach.

In addition Mercedes will also venture even further into the open-air limousine territory touched upon by the Maybach Laundelet with an S-Class convertible. Also there will be no more CL – there will be the S Class coupe (unconfirmed yet).

The new Mercedes-Benz S Class will be unveiled most probably at Geneva Motor Show.


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