Next Honda Civic Type R to get 300 BHP image

The Japanese based automaker Honda is planning to develop the next generation of the Civic Type R, which is expected to get 300 BHP out of its engine.

The facelifted version of the 2013 Honda Civic has already been unveiled ahead of its public debut at the 2012 Los Angeles Motor Show later on this month but that doesn’t mean that the next generation of the model is far away and, in fact, rumors are saying that the model will probably hit the market over the following couple of years. But with the next generation of the Honda Civic, the high performance version of the model, the Type R, is also planned.

Rumors are saying that the upcoming Honda Civic Type R will be powered by a 2.0 liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine, which will produce a total output of 300 BHP. The company is aiming to make the new Civic Type R more powerful than the Renault Megane RS and probably to beat the 265’s Nurburgring lap when it will finally hit the market in 2015. Additional details on the future Honda Civic Type R are limited for the moment.

Source: Auto Express