Next Lexus IS F to get twin-turbo V6 engine image

The future generation of the Lexus IS F will be powered by a twin-turbo V6 engine which will generate close to horsepower at 6, 600 rpm.

The Lexus IS F is Toyota’s answer to models like the BMW M3, Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG or the Audi RS4 and now the future generation of the model is about to become even more powerful thanks to the use of a brand new engine, a twin-turbo V6, tweaked by Yamaha, which should allow the vehicle to compete on the same level as its main German rivals.

The Japanese based automaker Lexus is trying to keep the future generation of the IS F into the shadows for the moment but the guys at are saying that the model will get a new twin-turbo V6 engine, tuned by Yamaha, which will produce a total output of approximately 450 horsepower and it will have a peak torque of around 450 lb-ft.

The upcoming Lexus IS F will also be larger than the current generation and the new sedan’s dashboard will be inspired by the one used on the LFA supercar, according to the source mentioned above. More details on the future generation of the Lexus IS F remain unknown for the moment.