Next Mercedes S-Class to have 7 body versions image

The next generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class will offer no less than seven different body versions, according to Automobilemag.

The default version will be the sedan, while the luxury Pullman version will replace the outgoing Maybach luxury sedan. The standard wheelbase sedan, codenamed W222, will come first, followed by a long wheelbase sedan for China codenamed V222 (+7.08 inches) and an even longer version, the X222 (+13.78 inches). The model which will replace the old Maybach limousine will be a six-door Pullman which will add an impressive 25.59 inches to the total length.

As with previous generations, the new S-Class line-up will also include a new model replacing the CL-Class. Codenamed C217, the model will most likely be called SLC. Finally, the last two versioons will include a CL convertible (A217) and a full-size four-door coupe (V217). Both the Pullman and the drop-top version will be powered by a V12 engine with 680 horsepower and 811 lb-ft of torque.