Next VW Jetta might become a four-door coupe image

The next generation of the Volkswagen Jetta is rumored to change its body style and to be offered as a four-door coupe.

Since it will be making use of the MQB platform, the upcoming Volkswagen Jetta will significantly change itself, and we’re not just talking underneath its body. According to a recent report, the model in question will drop its sedan body style in favor for a more elegant four-door coupe shape. This basically means that it will become a rival for the Mercedes-Benz CLA and, since we are talking about the MQB platform, which is currently used on a lot of vehicles, it will be offering the same amount of interior space as the Skoda Octavia.

However, in order to rival the CLA, it will get more premium finishes and this will be reflected in its final price, which will be significantly higher than the one of the current generation. The same report is also telling us that a four-door coupe might join the sedan body style, so don’t act too surprised if you will see both of them. As far as the engine lineup goes, this will be wide and it will probably include almost all units found on the Golf VII. The new generation of the Volkswagen Jetta is believed to come out sometimes in 2017. Additional details on it are limited at this time.

Source: AutoBild