NextEV Blue Sky electric supercar to be unveiled on November 21 image

Chinese-funded electric automotive startup NextEV has programmed its world debut of the 1, 360-horsepower 1 MegaWatt supercar in London on November 21.

The NextEV electric supercar has been kept under wraps pretty tight – though we did catch a glimpse of the car testing at an undisclosed location and then on the Nurburgring – so at least we know it’s real and also functional. But come November 21 and hopefully all of our questions will get answers, because that’s when the Chinese startup will showcase the model to the world in an event in London. The company is keen on attracting our attention with quotes like “History in the Making, ” and the hashtag “#BlueSkyComing…” – so that might be the official name of the 1 MegaWatt car. There’s also a teaser that shows a mysterious front end – with dynamic headlights and angled vents – and we also know from the past there’s also a large wing for additional downforce at the back.

Motivation should be provided by a 1,360-horsepower (1,014-kilowatt) electric motor assembly that will take it to 62 mph (100 km/h) in less than three seconds. If that sounds impressive, so is the maximum speed, rumored to reach 186 mph (300 km/h). Of course the price tag will match the performance credentials – estimated at one million dollars. And production will ensure its exclusivity – just six units. It’s actually a rolling test bed for future technologies and the automaker has plans to also introduce mass-market vehicles.