NFC starts hitting connected cars as well image

After Bluetooth, smartphone mirroring and 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspots, automakers are now starting to look at a new connectivity technology that might yield new advantages to motorists.

Near Field Communications, or NFC for short, should be well known to smartphone power users, and while it debuted some time ago it has recently found its best usage as a payment system for both Apple and Android devices. Automakers of course caught wind of the technology years ago and expressed interest – but not it’s also starting to materialize. For example, it will be bundled with the latest generation 2018 Honda Accord, which has just been presented a few days ago. A stylized “N” symbol for the new technology resides on the dashboard of the new Accord, in front of the passenger seat.

It will make your life easier if you have a compatible smartphone – mostly Android, because Apple has so far limited its use to the Apple Pay service. It’s a wireless communications system just like Bluetooth and Wi-FI, and can be used as a portable key, used to create and store personal vehicle settings that can be transferred to another car, for example. It can even link different devices in the vehicle itself. Mercedes-Benz also offers NFC for pairing phones on new E-Class, but only when equipped from the Premium 1 Package “or higher,” onward. Honda is instead going mainstream in the Accord and is expected to make it widely available on all of its other models as it upgrades the infotainment technology.