NHTSA Close to Finishing Online Vehicle Recall Search Tool image

The NHTSA said it is close of finalizing a database that will give the US vehicles owners the possibility to see if they vehicles have been recalled or fixed.

President Barack Obama signed on July 6th, 2012, a highway funding bill according to which the NHTSA has to create a new online database. On September 2012 the agency announced it was working on the database to increase the number of recalled vehicles that are repaired. The law requires the database to be completed within one year after the law has been approved.

NHTSA plans to offer vehicle owners an online search tool at www.safercar.gov, which will offer them the possibility to enter their vehicles’ identification numbers and see if the vehicles have been recalled and fixed. The agency that said the legal deadline to finish the database would be October 1st, but that it might be ready sooner.

Large-volume automakers have to provide the government the VIN number for the vehicles that have been recalled. Currently, many automakers, such as Chrysler and Ford, offer their customers the option to type VIN numbers into a corporate site and see if the vehicles are to be recalled. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, which represents the Detroit Big Three automakers, Toyota, VW and others, does not agree with the database allowing customers to find the status of the recalls.

“The alliance believes such a system is extremely burdensome and impractical, and it would be duplicative of existing systems maintained by manufacturers which already make the same information available to consumers on the manufacturers’ websites,” the group wrote to NHTSA in October.

Source: The Detroit News