The NHTSA has recently fined Ferrari with 3.5 million USD after the supercar manufacturer has failed to report fatalities and defects.

All is not exactly well with major supercar manufacturers from across the globe, as Ferrari has recently found out, the hard way. While safety agencies from across the globe seem impassible in the face of large supercar makers such as Ferrari when it comes to problems reported to their rides by owners, that cannot be said on the NHTSA too, as this has recently fined the Maranello based automaker for failing to report fatalities and defects.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, since the second quarter of 2011, the Italian carmaker has failed to submit any early warning reports to the agency. We should tell you that because it was selling less than 5,000 cars annually in the North American market, Ferrari was exempt from these reporting requirements until 2011.

Ferrari has apparently admitted that for three years, since it was consolidated with Fiat, the company didn’t have to make these reports. The Maranello based car manufacturer will be paying the fine, as this has been recently announced, and the company has apparently started to work on a new implementation of the procedures, so that this will not be happening in the future.



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