NHTSA: Honda Pilot is under investigation image

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has recently launched an investigation on the 2005 Honda Pilot models because of a problem with unexpected braking.

According to the NHTSA, a total of 87, 803 units of the 2005 Honda Pilot models are being closely watched after the feds have received complaints of unexpected braking. The Japanese based automaker knows all about this preliminary investigation and it will cooperate with the NHTSA. The problem in question has been described by the feds as “unexpected vehicle deceleration and/or steering pull resulting from inappropriate electronic brake application with no brake light illumination.”

A total of 185 incidents of unexpected braking of varying duration have been identified by the federal safety regulators but the NHTSA says that no crashes, injuries or deaths have been related to this problem. There is no official recall on the 2005 Honda Pilot for the moment but this unexpected braking problem will most likely lead to one. If you are the owner of a 2005 Honda Pilot be aware that your vehicle is under investigation and that a recall is expected to begin.