NHTSA increases scrutiny over Takata airbag issue image

The US auto safety regulator has moved to order the Japanese auto safety parts supplier to provide further documents and give new testimonies under oath in regards to the government’s investigation on defective airbag inflators.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been criticized for acting slow lately on discovering auto safety defects, and even faced a US congress hearing about the measures it took in the General Motors ignition switch debacle. Now, with another huge safety scandal on its hands, the NHTSA has been forced to up its game – especially since the Obama administration ordered the Transportation Department to probe the agency. The NHTSA managed to lose control over the Takata issue – it posted a public notice about the recalled vehicles but failed to document all the models involved, took some out and added around 3 million more and then had its recall website down for days.

Now, the NHTSA is pressuring Takata with a special order to the supplier’s TK Holdings – asking the delivery of necessary documents to be made before December 1. Over the past 18 months (although the issue was found in recalls dating back to 2008), Takata has been hit by widespread problems with faulty inflators that can explode and send metal debris flying through the cabin at high velocity.

Via Reuters