Today, May 10th, the NHTSA opened a preliminary investigation in more than 100,000 Chevrolet Corvettes due to complaints regarding the headlights.

The NHTSA said it received 30 complaints from Chevrolet Corvette owners who reported a loss of both low-beam headlights without warning while they were driving at night. The US safety regulators are investigating 103,374 Corvette vehicles 2005-2007 model years.

“The loss of illumination impairs the driver’s ability to see the roadway,” NHTSA said, saying it could boost the chances of a crash.

One of the drivers said he ran over a discarded tire as he was trying to pull off the road. At some drivers the problem was intermittent, while other said that low-beam headlight functionality returned after a period of time. During this time the fog lights and the high-beam headlights remained operational.

One Arizona owner in 2011 reported to NHTSA that he was driving down a highway “at night when my low-beams disengaged, placing me in the dark and almost caused a wreck. I drove the rest of the way with my high-beams,” he wrote.

Some people on the fan forums suggest that the problem might be a fuse block under the hood. The Corvette vehicles which are under investigation are the sixth generation, while the seventh generation will be launched later this year.

Source: The Detroit News


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