NHTSA Investigates 2009 VW Jetta image

NHTSA has opened a preliminary investigation into whether diesel Volkswagen Jetta vehicles should be recalled because of complaints about engine stalling.

Seven complaints were filed citing that consumers had problems with the engine stalling. However, viagra a greater number of owners in various forums like VW Vortex, TDIclub.com, and VWDiesel.net have reported the same thing: a loss of power and then the engine cuts out.

“Volkswagen takes these investigations very seriously and intends to fully cooperate with NHTSA’s investigation,” said VW spokesman Kerry Christopher.

An estimated 38,000 diesel-powered cars are covered by the probe, NHTSA said.
A description of the issue details, “Engine stalls due to fuel system contamination,” and the Detroit News, citing www.tdiclub.com, reports an issue with metal-flake contamination.