NHTSA Investigates Hyundai Over Shuttering Roof Issue image

The NHTSA is investigating several customers’ complaints saying that their 2012 Hyundai Veloster sunroofs have spontaneously shattered or exploded.

On October 2nd the NHTSA opened the preliminary probe after it received 11 complaints from 2012 Hyundai Veloster owners. In 7 of the complaints the owners said that the sunroofs shattered while they were driving the vehicle at high speeds and that they suffered minor scratches from the falling pieces of glass. Hyundai Motor’s spokesman said that the automaker is fully cooperating with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to find the cause of this issue.

“The evaluation is in its early stages and there no need [for Veloster owners] to have the sunroofs inspected, ” Jim Trainor, the company’s spokesman said. “We have to wait a little bit to see what the evaluation turns up. If we need to act on it, we will.”

He also added that the NHTSA has only received 11 complaints from the total number of 38,000 Velosters sold since its debut at the beginning of this year. The complaints were related only to 2012 model year Velosters, and the NHTSA said that is estimates 18,361 Velosters might be affected by this problem.