Detroit Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley will not face a trial this month, after a judge has delayed the trial for Sept. 26. Mobile County District Judge George Hardesty Jr. granted defense attorney Sid Harrell’s request for a delay Friday.

Nick Fairley was arrested on May 27 and is charged with DUI and attempting to elude police.

State troopers say he was driving about 100 mph and initially refused to pull over.

In addition, in April, Fairley was arrested on a charge of second-degree possession of marijuana. He is scheduled to appear in Mobile Municipal Court on that charge Nov. 27.
It’s unclear whether the Lions or league plans to punish Fairley for his actions, but it’s going to be a while before things are all sorted out.
A suspension seems likely, if not inevitable, for the talented but troubled second-year lineman.

“I met with Nick earlier this spring, and we talked an awful lot about where he is,” Goodell said Aug. 2 during his visit to Lions camp. “We don’t (have to wait for the legal system to play out) by policy, particularly if there’s a pattern of behavior. But if there is not a pattern we certainly do acknowledge the legal process and want to be respectful of that.” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said


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