Nikola Motor Company wants to deliver the most extreme electric UTV image

The startup electric automaker has revealed the complete and final specifications of its other model – not the semi-truck – the four-seat UTV Nikola Zero.

The all-terrain vehicle is expected to reach customers from 2018 and the all-electric Nikola Zero is certainly going to satisfy electric enthusiasts while potentially turning skeptics into believers. The model comes in just two versions – one offering 415 hp and kicking off at $35,000, with the higher-performance one packing no less than 555 HP & 4,900 ft lbs of torque. The company also hooks clients to three battery versions – 75, 100 and 125 kWh. The big one should allow the Zero to play in 4×4 off-road mode for a good 200 miles of range. We can’t be sure of the pricing for the flagship 555 hp, 125 kWh battery version – but since it’ll be too much fun, why worry with such trifle things.

“The Nikola Zero will be the first UTV to come with optional Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS), stability control, anti-roll-over, traction control and torque vectoring. Normally these options are reserved for high-end sports cars,” explained Trevor Milton, Nikola’s CEO. It’s also possible for the Zero to become legal in certain states, and there will also be creature comfort features to go along with the off-road prowess – over the air software updates, 10” infotainment center display, 7” instrument cluster, LED lights as well as bespoke seats.