Nikola Motors – yes, that Tesla impersonator – says it clocked $2.3 billion in preorders image

This is an all-new company and one that is actually not gunning for Tesla Motors’ place in the automotive world, rather than complementing them the same way they did using the first name of the renowned inventor.

Just like Nikola Tesla had two names, we can say Nikola Motors has a hybrid-electric semi truck and an all-electric off-road buggy. And they’re also willing to carry their public name on the back of the success of Tesla Motors, delivering Tweets that shamelessly piggyback on the way famous CEO Elon Musk wants to do things (eg. Change the world).

Most recently, they tagged him in a tweet where they bragged about their $2.3 billion in pre-orders. Last month Nikola showed itself to the world with those two models. We’re talking about a semi-truck with a natural gas-electric hybrid system called the Nikola One and an off-road Nikola Zero UTV. But the bland truth is that Nikola is only referring to the One semi truck – which is actually just asking $1,500 for each pre-order, with the money fully refundable. The company bragged about the model having 7,000 customers waiting in line now – but that translates to just $10.5 million, not $2.3 billion. In fact, the bigger sum has been achieved by actually factoring in the total costs of the unit – without actually ever selling one, for starters.