No less than $1.5 million is needed to own one of the nine remaining new-old 1957 Jaguar XKSS sports cars – you know, those cars that remained unfinished for decades.

Back in the mid-1950s, Jaguar was gunning for a road-going version of its D-Type racing car, but it actually stopped motorsport activities back in 1956. And since there were some incomplete D-Type chassis’ just lying around at the company’s Browns Lane assembly plant they decided to manufacture 25 units of the XKSS, a lightly modified racing car designed for American buyers. The factory, initially opened by Daimler ahead of World War II to help the British government arm itself for the upcoming fight with Nazi Germany, was affected by a fire that engulfed nine of the cars in various stages of completion. The rest were sold and Jaguar moved on… until now.

Jaguar Land Rover Classic, meanwhile, announced in March during the New York International Auto Show its intention to finish the series with nine more cars – though it was a huge challenge since none of the original 16 were actually the same because they were hand built. JLR Classic fabricated just about every part, using original drawings and two original cars that were digitally scanned. The first of the sold-out XKSS units will be up for delivery next year – and we’re expecting them to pop up afterwards at astronomical prices.



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