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You might have heard about Nio since it was named NextEV, but most likely you’ve heard of them when their EP9 autonomous electric hypercar started posting record after record.

Because a hypercar is limiting the company to a possible production of just a few examples, the startup is seemingly ready to move on – just like Faraday Future did, when they presented at CES a supercar and the next year a production crossover during the exact same event. But we somehow have a little more faith in Nio than Faraday Future – even though the latter has been surrounded by much more hype. This is because the Nio EP9 has actually made it into real life – breaking the EV record on the Nürburgring and posting another record while in autonomous mode on the Circuit of the Americas. As such, the Eve concept might preview a production model – this time around a luxurious family-oriented vehicle.

Nio Eve concept is going for autonomous electric driving 10

We’re dealing with a futuristic two-door hatchback with LED lights all over and a full glass roof to bring light into the very spacious interior. To gain access there you’ll use two massive forward-sliding doors with a wide entrance as there are no B Pillars. Inside there’s a fully reclining seat that can become the perfect nap place, as the car is taking care of things autonomously. There’s also a so-called “NOMI” artificial intelligence engine with a high-tech interface that integrates touch-operated glass displays. There are no technical details, apart form the fact that we’re dealing with an electric powertrain.